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Friday December 19 2014

Be a Volunteer
Be a Volunteer


Sharpen your scissors! The WSIU Public Broadcasting stations are seeking community volunteers to clip and send local newspaper articles about the WSIU family of stations. We routinely send press releases and media advisories to newspapers across our broadcast region but do not have a reliable means to confirm any resulting coverage. An official clipping service is cost-prohibitive for our stations and wouldn't cover all of your local papers. Your role would be to monitor carefully your local newspapers for any articles about our stations, clip and label related articles with the date and name of the newspaper, and send the clipping to our Marketing and Promotions department. To help you provide this vital service, we will mail to your home at your request a supply of business-reply envelopes so that you may return any articles to us at no expense.

To volunteer, please call at 1-866-498-5561 or email Monica Tichenor, Promotions Coordinator. As always, we welcome your suggestions on how we might enhance our communication with listeners in your community.


Volunteer Board Operators
Board operators run FM programming over the air for the station on the master control board using a variety of audio equipment, including a state-of-the-art digital automation system. Board operators monitor the on-air sound, take transmitter meter readings, and handle any severe weather. It's like being a radio disc jockey without all the on-air work. You would be trained on all the equipment that it takes to run the station. No experience at all is necessary. Volunteers do at least one shift a week and the shift can last anywhere from one hour to four hours. Shifts are available during all times of the week and day. It's a lot of fun to be in control of a radio station, and it's great resume experience if you ever want to work in broadcasting.

Operations Assistants
Come in and set up reel tapes and DATs to record programs being fed over the satellite. Volunteers also do some digital editing and computer automation work. The schedule for this type of work is variable. The times you are available will determine what feeds you would be responsible for recording and editing.

Production Assistants
PA's do light and voice production work, or help in the recording of some of our locally produced shows. Duties may include writing, voicing, and producing a variety of local promos, underwriter announcements, etc. to ensure on-air sound quality. An audition packet is available for the selection of production assistants who do on-air work. Production assistants may also help in remote recordings at different venues. Note: Volunteering in the above areas can lead to paid student work positions if you are a full time SIUC student.

FM Library Assistants
Linda Brandon is in charge of the record library. She may be looking for someone to assist in keeping the library in order. Please contact her directly if you are interested in this area.

SIRIS Volunteers
Our Southern Illinois Radio Information Service (S.I.R.I.S.) also is a very worthy volunteer opportunity that helps the print-impaired persons of our community. S.I.R.I.S. volunteers do readings of local newspapers and newletters, that are then broadcast over a sub carrier of WSIU Radio to serve print impaired citizens. Click here if you are interested in volunteering in this area. Visit S.I.R.I.S. at 1003 South Oakland, Carbondale. Or contact them by phone; 618-453-2808.

For all the volunteer positions above contact Lisa J. Morrisette-Zapp, phone (618) 453-6185.


Pledge Phone Volunteers
We always are in need of phone volunteers to help out during our TV and FM pledge drives, answering phones and taking pledges. It's easy to do; there are many timeslots available to fit your own schedule; and you may volunteer individually, as a family, or as a group from your business or civic organization.

Office Volunteers
We regularly prepare and distribute large mailings; if you have a few hours to spare from time to time you can be of great assistance in folding/stuffing/labeling letters and envelopes. It really helps us!

Contact Susan Patrick, 618-453-6172.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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