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Thursday December 18 2014

Local production
Local production

Our station's award-winning television production staff is dedicated to exploring issues important to your family, your community, and our region as a whole.

Local Programming in June

  • WSIU InFocus #225 (Sun, 7/1 at 12:30pm; repeats 7/6 at 5pm)
  • WSIU InFocus #213 (Fri, 7/6 at 9pm; repeats 7/8 at 12:30pm and 7/13 at 5pm)
  • WSIU InFocus #226 (Fri, 7/13 at 9pm; repeats 7/15 at 12:30pm and 7/20 at 5pm)
  • WSIU InFocus #227 (Fri, 7/20 at 9pm; repeats 7/22 at 12:30pm and 7/27 at 5pm)
  • WSIU InFocus #228 (Fri, 7/27 at 9pm; repeats 7/29 at 12:30pm and 8/3 at 5pm)

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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