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Saturday December 20 2014

Native American Heritage Month 2006

As part of our ongoing commitment to history and culture, WSIU Public Broadcasting is pleased to take part in a month-long Native American Heritage Celebration in partnership with the SIU Native American Student Organization and other University departments.

This celebration brings an opportunity for the people of this region to learn about the rich heritage of native American cultures, with an open invitation to participate in a wide variety of community events throughout November.

From art to agriculture, from photography to policy making, and from cooking to cultural identity, these Southern Illinois University Native American Heritage Month events will explore historical and contemporary experiences of indigenous people in America.

Additionally, to complement and extend the community learning experience, WSIU Public Television will broadcast many special programs each week.

Click here to download a schedule of Community Events.

Click here to view a campus map of Southern Illinois University.

Click here for your personal tune-in schedule for WSIU television programs.

WSIU TV programs include two very special features: Indian Country Diaries and Seasoned With Spirit.

Seasoned With Spirit
is a five-part series on Native cooking that explores regional traditions across the United States and includes healthy recipes.

Click here to view and print detailed descriptions of each episode.

Indian Country Diaries
is a two-part documentary series making its national debut this month in an unparalleled exploration of contemporary Native American issues. Part 2: Spiral of Fire focuses on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and will be screened to the public at a special community discussion on Thursday, November 2 at 7pm at the SIU Student Center.

The cultural events and programming for the 2006 Native American Heritage Month at Southern Illinois University are a collaborative effort. Native American Heritage Month Partners include:

WSIU History Connector activities are sponsored locally by Walgreens.

For personal notification about future events and programs, submit a History Connector Contact Request Form

WSIU's History Connector project is sponsored locally by Online Digital Photo Center.
Funding also provided in part by a grant from the National Center for Outreach and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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