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Saturday December 20 2014

November is Native American Heritage Month.
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The River Region of the lower midwest is a place rich with history. Contrary to popular belief, the River Region was the setting for many of history's most important events. The Cherokee Trail of Tears and the Lewis and Clark expedition went through the heart of the region. Revolutionary and Civil War battles were fought here, among wars with various Native American nations. Young men bravely marched from here to both World Wars. Nor was the region immune to the larger trends from without: The Great Depression and Prohibition affected this region, and local history is rife with family tales of uncles, aunts, parents and grandparents who participated in bootlegging enterprises.

Your History Connector website is dedicated to bringing you closer to the history of our region. We have plenty of links and information posted now to get you started, and in the coming weeks, we will be adding more links, updating our calendar, putting up new original content, and even setting up a place for you to share your experiences of local history. So check back often and enjoy!

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