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Sunday December 21 2014

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Help is Available

Help is Available archive

Help Is Available #101
Health Departments. Tammy Gwaltney, director of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois; Christine Hampton, director of Jefferson County Health Dept.; and Sharon Mumford, director of nursing, Southern Seven Health Dept., survey the range of free services offered by local health departments.

Help Is Available #102
Mediation. Suzanne Schmitz, SIUC Alternative Dispute Resolution Clinic, and Theresa Eythalis, who mediates child custody issues, discuss the value of mediation in settling disputes before the courts step in.

Help Is Available #103
Debt. Greg Faulkenberry, Consumer Credit Counseling Services director, and Duane Verity, attorney specializing in personal bankruptcy law, talk with Tammy Gwaltney about how people can avoid debt pitfalls.

Help Is Available #104
SIREA. The Rev. Judith Clausen and David Newfarmer discuss the work of the Southern Illinois Regional Effort for AIDS to provide loving and non-judgmental advocacy and support for Southern Illinois' growing AIDS population.

Help Is Available #105
HA105. Grief Support Groups. Tammy Gwaltney talks about bereavement with Joan Patterson, of I Lost a Child, and Pam Wilson, of Friends Helping Friends.

Help Is Available #201
Child Care. Lori Longueville, facilitator for Child Care Resource and Referral at John A. Logan College, and Cindy Yusko, day care licensing representative for the Illinois Dept. of Children & Family Services, talk with Tammy Gwaltney about finding childcare in Southern Illinois.

Help Is Available #202
Gang and Youth Violence. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Judge William G. Schwartz, Jackson County Court Circuit Court, and Bill Blackman, Illinois Coalition for Community Services, about the rising trend of violent behavior among area adolescents.

Help Is Available #203
Non-Traditional Students. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Chuck Von Rossum, SIU Student Development Office, and Rita Gaskins, an SIU nontraditional student, about the unique skills and life experience of nontraditional students that may be a real asset in the classroom.

Help Is Available #204
Home Health Care. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Marilyn Storch and Kathy Persels of House Calls, a home healthcare provider.

Help Is Available #205
Alcohol & Drug Dependency. Diana Womack-Walters, Perry County Counseling Center, and Sally Vogt, Gateway Youth Care, discuss identifying and treating alcohol and drug dependency as a disease.

Help Is Available #206
Scouting. Judith Compton, Shagbark Girl Scout Council, and Paul Brockland, Greater St. Louis Area Boy Scout Council, explain how Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and their leaders are meeting the challenges of the '90s.

Help Is Available #208
Community Policing. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Special Agent Craig Short, Master Sergeant Ranodore Foggs, and Trooper Mike McConnell about new interest in an old idea.

Help Is Available #209
Services to the Physically Challenged. Tammy Gwaltney discusses services for people with disabilities with Nancy Campagna, Center for Independent Living, and Paul Vanni, Equip for Equality, Inc.

Help Is Available #210
Legal Representation. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Mary Rudasill, director of the SIU Legal Clinic, and Mike Fiello, directing attorney for Land of Lincoln Legal Services, about affordable legal representation.

Help Is Available #211
Senior Services. Tammy Gwaltney talks with Patsy Jensen, director of Shawnee Alliance for Senior Adult Services, & Vermel Huckleberry, executive director of Senior Adult Services.

Help Is Available #212
Adoption. Tammy Gwaltney talks with adoptive parents Jimmy and Nancy Sears and attorney Carol Smute about the trials and tribulations of adoption.

Help Is Available #213
Youth Services. Tammy Gwaltney discusses programs that teach living and coping skills, positive self esteem, and a love for learning, with Najjar Musawwir, Attucks Community Services, and Ethel Buchanan, Boyton Street Community Center Board. HA301. Women's Violence. Mary Kay Bachman, Carbondale Women's Center, and Bonnie Gerecke and Debra Hamilton, Safe House, Cape Girardeau, discuss services to domestic abuse victims.

Help Is Available #302
Pet Responsibility. How we treat our pets says a lot about our own humanity. Animal Control officers and the Humane Society provide important help to our furry friends.

Help Is Available #303
Literacy. The needs of 90 million Americans for help in reading and writing has resulted in a growing demand for literacy services.

Help Is Available #304
Attention Deficit Disorder. The special needs of children and adults who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are discussed.

Help Is Available #305
Hospice. Local hospice care allows dying individuals the dignity of spending their final days at home.

Help Is Available #306
Mental Illness. David Taylor and Marc Levinson, Choate Mental Health & Development Center, and Bill Young, Psychiatric Institute of Southern Illinois, discuss available options for mental health care.

Help Is Available #307
Habitat for Humanity. Tom Langdon, president of Habitat for Humanity, Carbondale; Karen Knodt, adviser for the SIUC campus chapter; and volunteer Sam House discuss making the dream of low-income home ownership a reality.

Help Is Available #308
Big Brothers / Big Sisters. Jennifer Shaw, supervisor for the Jackson and Perry County programs, and Big Sister Cynthia Mell tell how Big Brothers / Big Sisters matches children in need of extra guidance with caring adults.

Help Is Available #309
Gambling. Recovering gambling addict "Don," and Kim Giltner, of the Massac County Mental Health Department, talk with Tammy Gwaltney about gambling.

Help Is Available #310
Cancer Support. Tammy Gwaltney and cancer survivors Dianne Hannon & Mike Grey talk about life after cancer.

Help Is Available #311
Alzheimer's. Wayne Fyffe, Illinois Alzheimer's Association; Fran Mings, Senior Adult Services, Carbondale; and Carol Dippold, Lutheran Family & Children's Service, Cape Girardeau, discuss services for Alzheimer's patients and their families.

Help Is Available #312
Pregnancy. Carla Griffin, Jackson County Health Dept. nursing supervisor, and Dr. Donald Bishop, OB/GYN, Carbondale Clinic, discuss steps to prevent birth defects and ensure healthy mothers and infants.

Help Is Available #313
Smoking. Helen Saunders, Regional Director of the American Lung Association of Illinois, talks about how to get smokers to quit.

Help Is Available #314
Organ Donation. Elizabeth Hager, training director, Organ & Tissue Awareness program, Illinois Secretary of State's office; Gary Anderson, Mid-America Transplant Services; and lung transplant recipient Stu Switzer talk about organ donation.

Help Is Available #315
Small Business. Executive Director Ray Lenzi & Program Manager Kyle Harfst, of the Office of Economic and Regional Development; and Steve Schauwecker, vice president, First National Bank & Trust, talk with Tammy Gwaltney about getting a small business off the ground.

Help Is Available #401
Consumer Issues. Mike Ruiz, Consumer Attorney for the Land of Lincoln Legal Services, and Tom Margolis, Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois, Carbondale office, talk about how one can fight back against fraud, and be an informed, pro-active consumer.

Help Is Available #402 Disaster Relief. We talk with Bill Crawshaw, City Coordinator for Murphysboro Emergency Services, and Mary Burton, Executive Director, Southeast Missouri American Red Cross, about disaster relief services available in our area, and how one can prepare for disaster.

Help Is Available #403
Homeless Shelters. A talk with Susan Metcalf, Director, Good Samaritan House, and Sharon Hess, Executive Director, Southern Illinois Coalition for the Homeless, about helping our homeless population, and initiating programs that try to remedy the situation.

Help Is Available #404
Sexual Harassment. Pam Brandt, Director of Human Resources, SIUC, and Scott Seaborn, Vice President of Human Resources, Southern Illinois Hospital Services, will be talking about how to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

Help Is Available #405
Nutrition and Wellness. A talk with Jan Sundberg, Nutritionist, and Annette Vaillancourt, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and Stress Management Trainer, about the physical and mental factors involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Help Is Available #406
Safety Net Cuts. What will the changes in new welfare policies mean nationally and here in southern Illinois? We speak with former senator, Paul Simon, for some analysis about the new Personal Responsibility Act.

Help Is Available #407
Foster Parenting. Deborah Greer, Foster Care Coordinator, Marion DCFS, and Judie Fairchild, Chapter President, Illinois Foster Parent Association, discuss the challenges and rewards of foster parenting.

Help Is Available #408
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. For parents with a child who has a disability, getting an appropriate education sometimes can be a struggle. Katherine Black, an attorney who gives parents a voice in these matters, and Merilyn Wright-Verkamman, a parent and parent advocate, discuss the answers to some of the questions of this issue.

Help Is Available #409
Sex Offenders. A talk with Linda Dillon, Superintendent of Training Academy, Illinois Department of Corrections, and Paul Weinheld, Therapy Provider with Lutheran Family and Children Services, about the treatment of sex offenders and what can be done to resolve the situation.

Help Is Available #410
Migrant Families. We speak with Josef Curiel, Program Coordinator for the Migrant Health Center, and Elsie Speck, Director of the Union/Jackson County Farmworkers about help for our local migrants.

Help Is Available #411
Home Schooling. We talk with Bryan DeYoung, President of AMACHE, Association of Marion Area Christian Home Educators, and Joice Smith, a home educator, about the issues involved in home schooling.

Help Is Available #412
Food Pantries. We speak with Mary Stephens, Office Manager for the Marion Ministerial Alliance, which runs a food pantry and soup kitchen, and Margie Parker, Director of the Good Samaritan Food Pantry, about providing food for our community's hungry.

Help Is Available #413
Parenting Organizations. Lola Harty, who runs a parenting group for the Jackson County Health Department called Better Parents, and Bonnie Wheeler, Vice President for the Illinois Chapter of Parents Anonymous, talk about groups and methods to improve parenting skills in our area.

Help Is Available #414
Medical Literacy. Beverly Sanders, Barbara Grace, and Donna Falvo address a specific literacy need, helping people to understand medical literature and instructions.

Help Is Available #415
Midwifery. Angela Reidner, a Certified Nurse Midwife, and Dee Ann Jacobs, a mother-to-be who is currently using the midwife services offered by St. Joseph's Hospital in Murphysboro, talk about the midwife alternative to traditional hospital care.

Help Is Available #416
Financial Planning. We speak with Gerry Keene, Certified Financial Planner, and Paula Higgins, Certified Public Accountant, about planning for the future through savings and investments.

Help Is Available #501
Critical Stress Management. Critical incident debriefers help police and firefighters cope with occupational stress. Guests: Deb Pender, clinical director of the Southern Illinois Critical Stress Management Team; Jeff Stuck, Team Coordinator and firefighter in Carterville and Louie Rogers, a Herrin firefighter.

Help Is Available #502
Libraries. Discussion on library access to the internet, VHS tapes and CD-ROMs. Guests: Connie Steudel, director of Carbondale Public Library and Jim Ubel, executive director fo the Shawnee Library System.

Help Is Available #503
Touch of Nature. The Touch of Nature environmental center offers activities and educational experiences to educators, community organizations and special needs populations and focuses on making the lessons fun. Guests: Curt Carter, program coordinator, Touch of Nature and Shannon Weger and Al Shearer, assistant program coordinators.

Help Is Available #504
Alternative Medicine. The issue of combining alternative medicine supplements and western medicine is discussed by experts in both fields. Guests: Dr. Deanna St. Germain, physician and co-owner of Integrated Health Service and Ying Li, an accupuncturist at Southern Illinois Accupuncture.

Help Is Available #505
Crime Victims' Advocates. Crime victim advocates are available to help victims through the legal process, from the time the crime is committed until the case is prosecuted. Guests: Mary Hughes, victim advocate for the Jackson County state's attorney and Jen Le Duc, court advocate for the Carbondale Women's Center.

Help Is Available #506
Learning Disabilities. Parents who suspect their child may have a learning disability can receive help through positive nurturing of the child according to two experts. Guests: Richard Collins, executive director of Brehm Preporatory School and Barb Cordoni, director of the Achieve Program at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Help Is Available #507
Support Groups For The Mentally Ill. People with depression and other mental illnesses often do not know what resources are available to them. Fortunately, there are several support groups here in the region. Guests: Cathy Baker, field worker for GROW; Martha Raske, president of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill; Janet Knoderer, president of Depressive and Manic Depressive Association of Southeast Missouri.

Help Is Available #508
Help For Children. When should parents seek outside help for an unruly child? The ways to help the children are discussed in this episode of Help is Available. Guests: Art Zaitz, director of Youth Services at the Southern Illinois Regional Social Services and Brenda Gilbert, associate professor of psychology at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Help Is Available #509
E.A.P's. For employees who may need help with job-related problems, a new approach is programs are called Employee Assistance Programs or E.A.P's. Guests: Wally Allstun, Certified Employee Assistance Professional and Steve Crain, president of Crain Enterprises.

Help Is Available #510
Earthquake Preparedness. Experts from the American Red Cross and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency discuss ways you and your family can prepare before, during and after an earthquake. Guests: Chuck Cutrell, earthquake program manager for the Illinois Emergency Management Agency in Marion, IL and Ron MacCubbin of the American Red Cross.

Help Is Available #511
Elder Abuse. Elder abuse is a crime that is increasing in its severity and types by the year and there are several resources available to assist the elderly in getting out of an abusive situation. Guests: David Mitchell, protective service supervisor, Shawnee Alliance for Seniors and Janet Proctor, training consultant for Illinois Department on Aging.

Help Is Available #512
Assisted Living. What if your parents aren't willing to go into a nursing home? One alternative for the elderly to consider is an assisted living community with limited onsite care. Guests: Debra Smith, director and manager of Parkway Village in Marion, IL and Patsy Jensen, president of the Shawnee Alliance for Seniors.

Help Is Available #513
Women in Public Life. How do women become prominent in public life? Two women who know what public life is about will explain how and why it's important for women to become involved in public life. Guests: Vivian Eveloff, director of the Institute for Women in Public Life at St. Louis University and Debra Moore, fellow at the Public Policy Institute, St. Louis University.

Help Is Available #514
Network Against Sexual Violence. One group of officials is trying to make it easier for victims of violent sexual crimes to report the crime by limiting the number of people involved in the case. Guests: Rick Hetzel, chief of police, Cape Girardeau, Missouri; and Kathy Blevins, board member for the Network Against Sexual Violence.

Help Is Available #515
AIDS Update. People who are HIV positive have hope due to new drug therapies that are improving their lives. These drugs, protease inhibitors, seem to be limiting the effects of HIV infections. Guests: Kurt Martin, physician; Cathy Bless, HIV Case Manager, Southern Illinois HIV Care Consortium; and Greg Wilson, HIV patient.

Help Is Available #601
Private Schools. Host Tammy Gwaltney and guests Linda Rohling, director of the Carbondale New School and Stuart Davis, principal of the the Christian Fellowship School in Du Quoin, discuss the benefits of private schools, including class size and curriculum.

Help Is Available #602
Teen Reach. Program host Tammy Gwaltney and guests Tess Hieple, director of the Carbondale Adolescent Health Center, and Leslie Strategier, Teen Reach coordinator for the Delta Health Center in Cairo, talk about the grant-funded Teen Reach program and what it is doing to help area teenagers academically and socially.

Help Is Available #603
Homeless Teens. Guest Charlotte Browder, Homeless Youth Program Coordinator at Southern Illinois Regional Social Services, explains the situation of homeless teens with host Tammy Gwaltney and describes programs that help homeless teens to stay in school and obtain housing and employment.

Help Is Available #604
The Science Center. Program host Tammy Gwaltney and guests Jim Mueller, Director of the Carbondale Science Center, and Jim Smith, president of the Science Center Board, talk about the value of the Science Center as a learning resource for families and schools. Guests discuss taking exhibits and staff on the road to area schools for special effects and in-class instruction.

Help Is Available #605
Senior Education Programs. Lana Campbell, who coordinates the Southern Illinois Learning in Retirement Program, and Curt Carter, who runs several elder hostel programs at SIUC's Touch of Nature, talk to host Tammy Gwaltney about senior education programs that are inexpensive and fun.

Help Is Available #606
Autistic Children. Host Tammy Gwaltney addresses autism, its range of effects and various treatments available to parents and professionals to help autistic children. Program guests include Laura Wainzs, project coordinator of the Judevine Southeast Missouri Autism Project in Cape Girardeau and parent of two autistic children; Shirley Barnes, the parent of a child served by the Judevine Center; and Barb McClain, who is the parent of an autistic child and is active in the Southern Illinois chapter of the Autism Society of America; .

Help Is Available #607
Special Olympics. Jo Dodd, area director for Southern Illinois Special Olympics; Justin Harbison, a veteran Special Olympic participant; and Nancy Whitson, a Special Olympics coach discuss Special Olympics, an organization that trains mentally retarded children and adults for sporting competitions and seeks to increase participants' self-confidence and social skills.

Help Is Available #608
Arts. Host Tammy Gwaltney and guests Nancy Stemper, director of Carbondale Community Arts; Gayle Klam, president of the Southern Illinois Cultural Alliance; and Richard Lawson, a photographer and member of the Associated Artists Gallery; discuss how the arts are alive and well in Southern Illinois.

Help Is Available #609
Gay and Lesbian Rights. Host Tammy Gwaltney and program guests Paulette Curkin, co-chairperson of the Triangle Coalition at SIU; Kendra Sweezy and C. J. Bundy, co-directors of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Friends, an SIU student organization, discuss the difficulties of a young person "coming out " and the role of support groups.

Help Is Available #610
School Violence. Guests Bonna Hutchison, a prevention specialist at Southern Illinois Regional Social Services, and Karl Larson, director of Health Education at the Jackson County Health Department, discuss with host Tammy Gwaltney ways to prevent violence in local schools.

Help Is Available #611
Women in Business. Program guests are Katherine Benedict, president of the Southern Illinois Women's Business Council; Joyce Basler, who facilitates the Women's Business Council; and Karen Cupp, president of the Carbondale chapter of Business and Professional Women. The group discusses with host Tammy Gwaltney the need for support and networking for professional women.

Help Is Available #612
Youth Sports. Host Tammy Gwaltney and guests Brian Woodard, former board member of Carbondale Junior Sports and Carbondale Soccer, Inc., and Kathy Pericak-Spector, President of Carbondale Soccer, Inc., talk about the importance of organized sports in children's lives and how team work from parents and other community members aids in developing and maintaining sports activities for children.

Help Is Available #613
Veteran's Benefits. Host Tammy Gwaltney and program guests from the VA Medical Center in Marion (Donna Crees, Women's Veteran Health Coordinator; Kent Howerton, Eligibility Enrollment Coordinator; and Dr. Falies Munas, Division Director of Behavioral Medicine) explain the numerous benefits available to men and women who have served in the US military and who received honorable discharges.

Help Is Available #614
Adult Children of Alcoholics. Program guests Barb Fijolek, Student Health Programs coordinator at SIUC; Roki Abakoui, a counseling psychologist at the SIUC Counseling Center; and a member of Al-Anon, whose identity is masked in order to protect her anonymity, talk with host Tammy Gwaltney about the long-lasting impact of growing up in a household with an alcoholic parent.

Help Is Available #615
Community Revitalization. Program guests Charles Kupchella, head of the Cape Girardeau Community Pride Coalition, and Paul Keys, president of the Southeast Missouri Region Weed and Seed, talk with host Tammy Gwaltney about Community Revitalization in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

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