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Monday December 22 2014

Local production
River Region Evening Edition

Student Awards: 2000-01
River Region Evening Edition

2001 Mid-America Regional Emmy's

September 2001, St. Louis
Nominee "Hostage Hero" Ryan C. Bank, Thomas Weber

2001 Students in the Illinois News Broadcasters Association (SINBA) Awards

April 2001
First Place
Television Newscast River Region Evening Edition, WSIU-TV
* Sixth year in a row for best Television Newscast
Videography Ryan Bank, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Television News Reporting Tom Weber

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Second Place
Television Sports Reporting Dan Harland, SIU

2000 Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards

April 2001 Region 7
Second Place
TV Spot News Reporting WSIU-TV "Halloween Aftermath" by Joseph Maxfield

2001 National Broadcasting Society (NBS) Awards March 2001

Los Angeles, CA.
Hon. Mention
Video: News Package "Pen Pals" by Tom Weber

Students in the Illinois News Broadcasters Association

Outstanding TV Newscast, 2000
Fifth year in a row!

Second Place: Corey Goodman

Society of Profesional Journalists/Mark of Excellence Awards, REGION 5.

News Photography
1st Place: Clay Griffith
2nd Place: Ryan Bank and Corey Goodman
3rd Place: Pat Hartney and Matthew Nordin
General News Reporting
3rd Place: Crystal Dothager and Ryan Bank
In-Depth Reporting
2nd Place: Pat Hartney
Sport Reporting
3rd Place: Dan Harland
Sports Photography
1st Place: Pat Hartney
2nd Place: Mark Carlson
3rd Place: Micah DeLacy and Bryan Dunn

National Student Production Awards

Grand Prize
River Region Evening Edition

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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