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Friday December 19 2014

Chalkwaves logo - Virtually Bringing the World to Educators

ChalkWaves brings educators superior resources--
easy to access and use in the classroom!

Have you Seen Chalkwaves Plus?
easy to access and use in the classroom!

Television goes to School: The Impact of Video on Student Learning in Formal Education
This report serves to remind educators and policymakers of the value of rich media, publicly available in America's classroom

why instructional video

  • Digital video content for teaching and learning.
  • 10,563-clip collection (1,238 titles)
  • Immediate Response to teachable moments
  • Offers opportunities to meet the needs of students at different levels of achievement.

    Web Launcher
    Web Launcher is one of the two ways to launch Chalkwaves Plus. Chalkwaves Web Launcher is where you will find state standards aligned.

    Professional Development
    We provide hands-on, on-site workshops as part of the Chalkwaves Plus subscription. We use hands-on training following the NTTI methodology. (National Teacher Training Institute)

    To view a listing of Chalkwaves Plus titles, click here.

    Chalkwaves Local News
    To learn how your school can benefit from Chalkwaves Plus and to find out how to get a 6 week test drive, contact Beth Spezia, call toll free 618-453-5595.

    - Here's What Educators in Southern Illinois, Missouri and Kansas are Saying About Chalkwaves Plus!
    - Current Illinois Chalkwaves Plus schools

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