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Sunday December 21 2014


2005 Town Square Chautauqua

Selected Bibliography Courtesy of Carbondale Public Library and Shawnee Library System

Carbondale Community Arts and WSIU Public Broadcasting encourage you to learn more about it.


Buffalo Bird Woman

Waheenee Buffalo Bird Woman’s garden: agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians Shawnee 630.978 WAH
Waheenee Waheenee: An Indian girl’s story/told by herself Shawnee 970.004975 WAH

Early Conservation Movement in the US in the 19 th century and early 20 th century

Graham, Frank Man’s dominion: The story of conservation in America CPL
333.7 GRA
Allen, Thomas B. Guardian of the wild: The story of the National Wildlife Federation Shawnee QH 76 .A43 1987
Brooks , Paul Speaking for nature: How literary naturalists from Henry Thoreau to Rachel Carson have shaped America Shawnee 33.9 BRO
Fahl, Ronald J. North American forest and conservation history: A bibliography Shawnee 016.33375 F141n
Grove, Noel Preserving Eden: The Nature Conservancy Shawnee QH 76.K73 1992
Heacox, Kim Visions of a wild America: Pioneers of preservation CPL
333.7 HEA
333.72 HEA
McHenry, Robert A documentary history of conservation in America Shawnee 333 MCH
Minteer, Ben Reconstructing conservation: Finding common ground Shawnee 333.7 MIN
Nash, Roderick The American environment: Readings in the history of conservation Shawnee S930.N36
Petulla, Joseph M. American environmental history: The exploitation and conservation of natural resources Shawnee 333.7 PET
Rosenkrantz, Barbara Gutmann American habitat: A historical perspective CPL Shawnee 574.5 ROS
301.31 A512
Sellars, Richard West Preserving nature in the national parks: A history Shawnee 482.A4S441997
Turner, Tom Sierra Club: 100 years of protecting nature Shawnee 333.9516 TUR

Gifford Pinchot

Fausold, Martin L. Gifford Pinchot, Bull Moose progressive Shawnee 393.91 F
Pinchot, Gifford Breaking new ground Shawnee 333.75092 P651b
Pinkett, Harold T. Gifford Pinchot: Private and public forester Shawnee 920 PIN

Henry David Thoreau

Atkinson, Brooks Henry Thoreau, the cosmic Yankee Shawnee PS 3053.A85
Bazalgette , Leon Henry Thoreau, bachelor of nature Shawnee 818 T488ZB
Burleigh, Robert A man named Thoreau Shawnee B Thoreau
Canby, Henry Seidel Thoreau Shawnee 921 T488c
Condry, William M. Thoreau Shawnee PS 3053.C58 1954
Derleth, August William Concord rebel: A life of Thoreau Shawnee PS3053.D4
Edel , Leon Henry D. Thoreau Shawnee 813 ED2H
Gale, Robert L. Thoreau: Walden Shawnee 818.3 G152b
Harding, Walter Roy Henry David Thoreau: A profile Shawnee 818.3 THO
Harding, Walter Roy A Thoreau Handbook Shawnee 818.3 H
Harding, Walter Roy The days of Henry Thoreau CPL
921 THO
PS 3053 .H3
Hicks, John H. Thoreau in our season Shawnee 818.3 H529T
Hough, Henry Beetle Thoreau of Walden: The man and his eventful life Shawnee PS 3053 >H6 1970
Krutch, Joseph Wood Henry David Thoreau Shawnee 928.1 T391k
Lebeaux, Richard Thoreau’s seasons Shawnee 818.309 T391 Le
Locker, Thomas Walking with Henry: Based on the life and works of Henry David Thoreau Shawnee 818.3 LOC
McCarthy, Pat Henry David Thoreau: Writer, thinker, naturalist Shawnee 921 THO
Murray, James G. Henry David Thoreau Shawnee 818 M982h
Murray, James G. Henry David Thoreau Shawnee THO
Norman, Charles To a different drum: The story of Henry David Thoreau Shawnee 920 THO
Paul, Sherman The shores of America: Thoreau’s inward exploration Shawnee PS3053.P31971
Peck, H. Daniel Thoreau’s morning work: Memory and perception of a week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Shawnee 818.309 P335t
Reef, Catherine Henry David Thoreau: A neighbor to nature Shawnee THO REE
Richardson, Robert D. Henry Thoreau: A life of the mind Shawnee 92 THO
Ring, Elizabeth Henry David Thoreau: In step with nature Shawnee J BIO THO
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Stern, Philip van Doren Henry David Thoreau: Writer and rebel Shawnee 921 THO
Taylor, Bob Pepperman America ’s bachelor uncle: Thoreau and the American polity Shawnee 818.309 TAY
Thoreau, Henry David The best of Thoreau’s journals Shawnee 818 THO
Thoreau, Henry David Henry David Thoreau, a man for our time Shawnee 921 THO
Thoreau, Henry David Henry David’s house Shawnee 818.303 THO
Wood, James Playsted A hound, a bay horse, and a turtle dove: A life of Thoreau for the young reader Shawnee 921 THO

History, US Forest Service

Clary, David A. Timber and the Forest Service Shawnee 33.75150973
Crawford, Teri The first forest rangers, protectors of the wilderness Shawnee 363.3
Frome, Michael Whose woods these are: The story of the National Forest Shawnee 634.9 FRO
Frome, Michael The forest service Shawnee 634.9 FRO
Hirt, Paul W. A conspiracy of optimism: Management of the nation CPL 333.75 HIR
Maunder, Elwood R. Forty-three years in the field with the U.S. Forest Service-an interview with Charles Connaughton/conducted by Elwood R. Maunder Shawnee 634.9 F779f
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Robinson, Glen O. The forest Service: A study in public land management Shawnee 353.008 R562f

John Muir

Muir, John John of the mountains: the unpublished journals of John Muir Shawnee 917.94 MUI
Archer, Jules To save the earth: The American environmental movement CPL
333.7 ARC 333.7 ARC
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Clark, Margaret Goff John Muir: Friend of nature Shawnee Juv biog MUIR
Clarke, James Mitchell The life and adventures of John Muir Shawnee 333.720924 C5531
Cohen, Michael P. The pathless way: John Muir and American wilderness Shawnee QH 31 .M9 C64 1984
Douglas, William O. Muir of the Mountains Shawnee 921 MUI
Dunham, Montrew John Muir: Young naturalist Shawnee Juv biog
Dunlap, Julie John Muir and Stickeen: An icy adventure with a no good dog Shawnee 636.73 DUN
Ehrlich, Gretel John Muir: Nature’s visionary Shawnee QH 31 .M9 E47 2000
Fox, Stephen R. John Muir and his legacy: The American conservation movement Shawnee 921 MUI
Fox, Stephen R. The American conservation movement: John Muir and his legacy Shawnee QH 31 .M9 F68 1985
Ito, Tom John Muir Shawnee MUI ITO
Jones, Dewitt John Muir’s America Shawnee 333.7209 JON
Jones, Holway R. John Muir and the Sierra Club Shawnee 333.78 JON
Kallen, Stuart A. Earth Keepers Shawnee 333.72 KAL
Krensky, Stephen Four against the odds: The struggle to save our environment Shawnee 920 KRE
Locker, Thomas John Muir, America’s naturalist Shawnee 921 MUI
Mara, Wil John Muir Shawnee Juv biog MUIR
Melham, Tom John Muir’s wild America Shawnee 333.7 MEL
Muir John My first summer in the Sierra Shawnee 917.94
Muir, John The mountains of California CPL 508.794 MUI
Muir, John Travels in Alaska Shawnee 917.98 MUI
Muir, John John Muir’s last journey: South to the Amazon and east to Africa: Unpublished journals and selected correspondence Shawnee 508.8092 M896j 2001
Muir, John A thousand mile walk to the Gulf Shawnee 917.5044 MUI
Muir, John The American wilderness, in the words of John Muir Shawnee 917.3 MUI
Muir, John John Muir’s longest walk: John Earl, a photographer, traces his journey to Florida with excerpts from John Muir’s thousand mile walk to the Gulf Shawnee 917.5044 N953j
Muir, John Nature writings Shawnee 508.74 MUI
Muir, John My first summer in the Sierra CPL Shawnee 917.94 MUI 917.94 MUI
Muir, John John Muir’s last journey: South to the Amazon and east to Africa: Unpublished journals and selected correspondence Shawnee 508.8092 M896j 2001
Muir, John Stickeen: John Muir and the brave little dog Shawnee 636.7 MUI
Muir, John The story of my boyhood and youth Shawnee B MUI
Naden, Corinne J. John Muir: Saving the wilderness CPL Shawnee 921 MUI BIO MUR
Norman, Charles John Muir, father of our national parks Shawnee 921 MUI
Sanborn, Margaret Yosemite: Its discovery, its wonders and its people CPL Shawnee 974.4 San F 868 .Y6 S197 1981
Smith, Herbert Franklin John Muir Shawnee PS 2447 .M5 Z85
Steward, John Winds in the woods: The story of John Muir Shawnee 921 MUI
Swift, Hildegarde Hoyt From the eagle’s wing: A biography of John Muir Shawnee 921 MUI
Tolan, Sally John Muir: Naturalist, writer, and guardian of the North American wilderness CPL
921 MUI 333.72 MUI
Wade, Mary Hazelton Blanchard Pilgrims of today Shawnee 920 WADE
Weitzman, David L. The mountain man and the president Shawnee 921 MUI
Wilkins, Thurman John Muir: Apostle of nature Shawnee 333.72092 W658j
Winkley, John W. John Muir naturalist: A concise biography of the great naturalist Shawnee QH 31 .M9 W5 1959
Wolfe, Linnie Marsh Son of the wilderness: the life of John Muir Shawnee 921 MUI

Shawnee Forest Service
  Shawnee National Forest - History Shawnee Archives
  Clear-cutting – Illinois – Shawnee National Forest Shawnee Vertical Files
  Tecumseh & Indian Trails Shawnee Videotape

Theodore Roosevelt

Cutright, Paul Russell Theodore Roosevelt, the making of the conservationist Shawnee E 757 .985 1985
Kozar, Richard Theodore Roosevelt and the exploration of the Amazon Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
Roosevelt Theodore Theodore Roosevelt : an American mind : a selection Shawnee E 660 .R72 1995
Blackburn, Joyce Theodore Roosevelt : naturalist, statesman Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
DeStefano, Susan Theodore Roosevelt, conservation president Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
Gayle, Sharon Shavers Teddy Roosevelt : the people’s president Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
Horn, Geoffrey M. Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee 973.91 HOR
Roosevelt, Theodore The man in the arena : the selected writings of the Shawnee 973.91 ROO
Roosevelt, Theodore The Rough Riders; an autobiography Shawnee 973.8 ROO
Gould, Lewis L. The presidency of Theodore Roosevelt CPL
973.91 GOU
Howland, Harold Jacobs Theodore Roosevelt and his times : a chronicle of Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee 973.91 HOW
Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt My brother, Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee ROOSEVELT
Harbaugh, William Henry Power and responsibility : the life and times of Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee ROOSEVELT
De Kay, Ormonde Meet Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
Sabin, Louis Teddy Roosevelt, Rough Rider Shawnee JNF 921 ROO
Thayer, William Roscoe Theodore Roosevelt; an intimate biography Shawnee E757.T45X
Cadenhead, Ivie Edward Theodore Roosevelt: the paradox of progressivism Shawnee E757.C33
Beach, James Caleb Theodore Roosevelt : man of action Shawnee 921 R781
Wagenknecht, Edward The seven worlds of Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee 921 ROO
Meltzer, Milton Theodore Roosevelt and his America Shawnee 973.91 MEL
Burroghs, John Camping & tramping with Roosevelt Shawnee 921 ROO
Grant, George Carry a big stick : the uncommon heroism of Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee 973.91 GRA
Miller, Nathan Theodore Roosevelt : a life CPL
921 ROO
Roosevelt, Theodore The essential Theodore Roosevelt Shawnee 320.973 ROO
Gaines, Ann Theodore Roosevelt : our twenty-sixth president Shawnee 921 ROO
Garraty, John Arthur Theodore Roosevelt : the strenuous life Shawnee 973.911 GAR
Mowry, George Edwin Theodore Roosevelt and the progressive movement Shawnee 973.91 MOW

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