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Sunday December 21 2014


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2004 Town Square Chautauqua Event Schedule

June 7- July 5
» Location: Carbondale City Gallery, Civic Center
Exhibit - Presidential campaign materials and Presidential portraits. Materials on loan from local collectors.
Sat, June 26
» Location: Carbondale Community High School Theater (Giant City Road)
7:30pm Jefferson and Adams, A Play by Howard Ginsberg - Directed by Christian Moe, performed by Craig Hinde, Nick Earll and Carolyn Hooker. This play tells the story, in their own words, of the turbulent 50 year friendship between Thomas Jefferson and John and Abigail Adams. This is a special fundraising event for Carbondale Community Arts. Tickets are $10 regular admission, $6 seniors and students, and can be ordered by calling CCA at 457-5100 or
Sun, June 27
» Location: Town Square Freight Pavilion, Carbondale, IL
6:30pm Commemoration to "Favorite Son" Paul Simon - John Clemons
7:00pm Negro Spirituals of the 19th Century - Rita Warford, vocalist
8:00pm Mary Todd Lincoln - Donna McCreary The Civil War is over and President Lincoln still alive as Mrs. Lincoln reflects on her husband's political views, the effect that war has had on their family, and her personal opinions about living in the White House. It is a happy time, a moment of triumph for herself, her husband, and their nation.
Mon, June 28
» Location: Hickory Lodge Grounds (Sycamore Street, Carbondale)
10:00am Dining with the Lincolns - Donna McCreary shares her knowledge of Lincoln family life, how they entertained, foods favored by each, and the general social setting of the mid-1800s in America.
1:00pm Camping with Henry and Tom - Reader's Theater presentation about President Harding by the University Players
» Location: Town Square Freight Pavilion, Carbondale, IL
6:30pm Shady Mix - Bluegrass music by one of southern Illinois' best known bands, acoustic and bluegrass musicians Shady Mix
8:00pm Andrew Jackson - Ted Jackson It is 1804 and Andrew Jackson, feeling "rudely ignored" by Jefferson in his bid to become territorial governor of Upper Louisiana, has retired from pubic service and seeks to buy a farm (the Heritage). He shares his observations about Washington and the American political system and his vision for the expansion of the American Empire and removal of obstinate Creeks and Cherokees into lands west of the Mississippi.
Tues, June 29
» Location: John A Logan Museum, Murphysboro, IL
10:00am Swamp Politics: The Ugly Way to the White House - Ted Jackson overviews the down and dirty politics of the 1800s, including the election of 1828 between Adams and Jackson which set the course for future American presidential elections…brass bands and campaign songs, campaign fund-raisers, special interests and Big Money, popular polling, ugly press and dirty tricks all around.
1:00pm Presidential Wit and Humor - Robert Cook, Adjunct Professor at Southwestern Illinois College, present a humorous yet instructive look at American Presidents and would-be presidents, including observations of former Chief Executives about Congress, the courts, the press and the presidency itself.
» Location: Town Square Freight Pavilion, Carbondale, IL
6:30pm Lions Club Presentation: 2004 David Kenney Service to Country and Community Award
7:00pm Famous Jazz Divas of the 40s - Rita Warford, vocalist
8:00pm Eleanor Roosevelt - Marlene Katz It is early in WWII and Mrs. Roosevelt discusses her roles in the White House, as Franklin's eyes and ears, and as an advocate for women encouraging them to become more politically active. She describes how politics has shaped her life and that of her family.
Wed, June 30
» Location: Carterville Public Library, Carterville, IL
10:00am Bess Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt: Two Very Different First Ladies - Marlene Katz Ms Katz compares Bess Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt as First Ladies, contrasting their very different opinions on politics and the Washington social scene, and how they each dealt with the pressures of the press and public attention.
» Location: Carbondale Public Library, Carbondale, IL
1:00pm Military to Presidential Planning: Solving Problems Grant's Way - George Dauler explores Grant's unique process of setting goals and then making necessary decisions. He explains how Grant used this process many times in his life, during the Civil War and then later in the White House, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.
» Location: Town Square Freight Pavilion, Carbondale, IL
6:00- 9:00pm Voter Registration Available - The League of Women Voters of Jackson County will be present to register voters and provide voting information.
6:30pm Closing Comments and Tribute to "Favorite Son" John A. Logan
7:00pm Music from the Civil War - Don Cheatum, instrumentalist, performs in uniform as a soldier of the 31st Illinois Volunteers.
8:00pm Ulysses S Grant - George Dauler present Ulysses S Grant at the end of his presidency, discussing his successes and failures as president and his many challenges in offices, including issues regarding former slaves and Indian affairs on the frontier. He closes with a look at the presidential election of 1876 and its similarities to the controversial election of 2000.

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