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Monday December 29 2014


Join staff from WSIU-TV at the University Mall in Carbondale on June 7, 2003 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm for the Share A Story event! In partnership with the Southern Illinois Association for the Education of YOUNG Children and the Stand For Children Day, WSIU-TV will read stories, discuss local needs, and distribute information to families, educators, legislators and businesses. Family Story Booklets and Share A Story Posters will be provided to everyone who visits!

WSIU-TV is proud to participate in PBS KIDS Share A Story , a multimedia campaign to promote children's literacy. PBS KIDS Share A Story, made possible in part by Target Corporation, with additional local funding from The Southern Illinoisan, is a multi-year public service campaign that inspires adults to help children develop language and literacy skills through daily activities including reading, storytelling, rhyming and singing.

WSIU-TV is committed to changing the way Illinois views learning to read.

  • Experts have long recognized the link between a child's exposure to words and his eventual reading success.
  • We want to help adults become aware of the rewards of filling a child's world with words.
  • Through PBS KIDS Share A Story, we help adults engage children in simple daily activities that teach them about words and how we use them.
  • We will reach Illinois adults through our on-air programs, our online resources, and our grassroots connections with community partners such as libraries, schools and childcare providers.
  • WSIU-TV is ready to turn reading research into results for Illinois children.

PBS KIDS Share A Story enjoys the support of:
Laura Bush, the honorary national chairperson; LeVar Burton, the national chairperson and host of the PBS KIDS series Reading Rainbow; Target Corporation, the national sponsor; and The Southern Illinoisan, our local sponsor.

PBS KIDS Share A Story is a natural extension of WSIU-TV's educational mission. We build this campaign on a solid foundation of educational service and commitment to our community. We offer Ready To Learn and other educational outreach services that enable all families to participate, regardless of wealth, income, or home language.

The activity we encourage first is the tried and true: reading aloud daily. We also encourage a broad range of activities to enable as many people as possible to experience how good it feels to help a child.

  • With PBS KIDS Share A Story, a father can read a library book aloud.
  • A teenage mother can sing a nursery rhyme while giving a bath.
  • A grandmother can share a story based on personal memory.
  • A caregiver can make up a story from her imagination.
  • A grandfather can sing a lullaby in his native language.
  • An older brother or sister can read a favorite book to their sibling.

To discover more words to grow by, visit the PBS KIDS Share A Story web site. There you'll find resources, book tips and activities for the whole family.

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