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Sunday December 21 2014

Tennessee Maneuver pictureLetters always have served as an emotional lifeline between the frontlines and those left waiting at home. In many cases, soldiers omitted the unbearable details of hardship and battle to focus on homespun themes -- from the monotony of camp life to the smallest comings and goings of friends and loved ones at home. Many young soldiers were away from home for the first time. WSIU is profoundly grateful to the families who have shared this very personal correspondence.

We have transcribed the letters for easier reading. To view, you will need Acrobat Reader. [download here if needed]

Civil War Letters

Tilghman Jones February 2, 1862
Tilghman Jones February 8, 1862
Tilghman Jones February 24, 1862
Tilghman Jones February 1862

World War II Letters

Lewis Hafley July 6,1942
Loy Gilliam June 10, 1944
Loy Gilliam February 25, 1945
Earnie Limer May 28, 1945
Loy Gilliam June 20, 1945
John O'Neal Mar. 30, 1946

Censor stamp picture

Postcard mailed home July, 1944

Postcard mailed home December, 1944

Postcard mailed home May, 1944

Postcard mailed home May, 1944

Postcard mailed home, June 1944

Postcard mailed home August, 1944

Postcard mailed home June, 1944

World War II's famous "V-Mail" was easy to mail but hard to read, measuring only about 4" x 5"

1 courtesy of Mrs. Margaret Tichenor

Learn how to submit your own letter for this project. . .

Learn more about the national war letters Legacy Project, which prompted the American Experience program and inspired WSIU to collect letters from the River Region.

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