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Monday December 22 2014

12th annual friends of WSIU fantasy austion
Fantasy Auction


Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center

Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center

The Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center was established in November 2000 when two successful orthopedic groups serving southern Illinois agreed to combine their practices to form Southern Orthopedic Associates. This group practice, comprised of nine orthopedic surgeons and several physician assistants, then joint ventured with Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) to establish the area's only orthopedic surgery center (SIOC).

Southern Orthopedic Associates offers a wide variety of services to patients at the Orthopedic Center. Foremost is time with an orthopedic specialist. This specialty care may include education or consultation about a disorder, injury or a discussion of medical and surgical treatment options. Injection therapy, pre-operative planning, post-operative care are some of the issues that may be involved in certain patient cases. Casting, along with other types of fracture care may be performed by the orthopedist, as well as coordination of physical therapy and/or return to work following an injury.

Patients at the Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center can be seen by a specialist, receive diagnostic MRI, x-ray, or bone density testing, physical therapy or even undergo surgery in the Surgery Center, sometimes all in one day. Carpal tunnel syndrome release, torn cartilage repair, hand and foot surgeries, and arthroscopy are a few of the many same day outpatient surgeries that can be performed within the Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center. Nearly any bone/joint disease or injury can be treated by the physicians of Southern Orthopedic Associates, and most knee and shoulder surgeries, short of a joint replacement, can be done on an outpatient basis at the Surgery Center.

Occasionally, a patient may need surgery that requires a stay at the hospital. While not all of the physicians at SIOC have full-time privileges at all of our area hospitals, most can practice at most of these facilities: Carbondale Memorial Hospital, Heartland Regional Medical Center, Herrin Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital, and Pinckneyville Community Hospital.

Each of the surgeons at the Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center is a member of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, the primary national organization for orthopedics. Also, with the exception of one, each is certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. These physicians, Roland J. Barr, M.D., John B. Wood, M.D., C. David Wood, M.D., Robert J. Golz, M.D., J. Michael Davis, M.D., Steven D. Young, M.D., William K. Harryman, M.D., Richard L. Morgan, M.D., and Thomas W. Davis, M.D., and their staff, enjoy serving the people of the southern Illinois area, and are committed to all our communities. They wish to share their enthusiasm for the programs and services WSIU Public Broadcasting provides through sponsorship of the Fantasy Auction.

The Southern Illinois Orthopedic Center is located at 510 Lincoln Drive in Herrin, Illinois. For more information, call (618) 997-6800.

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