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Monday December 22 2014

Converting to digital television is an important step in securing WSIU's broadcasting future and ensuring that we continue to provide quality programming and services to viewers. Find out more about the services we provide through WSIU's analog signal and learn more about what will be gained when WSIU begins broadcasting a digital signal:

What Will Be Gained When WSIU Goes Digital?

Opportunities to multicast in standard definition will create a variety of dedicated niche market channels:

  • PBS Kids focusing on Ready to Learn programming and quality PBS afterschool shows.
  • Chalkwaves, a K-12 in classroom supplementary learning resource with instructional materials correlated to the Illinois state learning standards.
  • Adult Training Service where learners of all ages can further their formal education through University or community college courses for credit, the undereducated can earn their GED or additional basic essential job skills, and advanced workers can gain professional development and advancement training.
  • Illinois Channel which will feature live coverage of the state legislature and other public affairs programming.
  • Rebroadcast of the current analog channel until that program service is completely woven into the DTV channels.

Datacast opportunities will include distribution of additional video, audio, text, and Web content materials, some of which could generate revenue to support the other services.

  • These materials could support one of the mulicast channel programs.
  • Completely different streams of information could be delivered.
  • The station could transmit data from point to point or business to business.
  • Actual programs will be able to be streamed through the Website channel.

High Definition television will be broadcast during primetime and at other times as programming is available.

  • The best television has to offer will be available over air to ALL citizens of southern Illinois, southeast Missouri and southwestern Indiana.
  • Stereo, surround sound will be available to ALL viewers for the first time.
  • Viewers will be able to enjoy the front row seat experience of attending the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, the National Symphony in Washington DC, or a live performance by the Three Tenors from Europe.

Student training opportunities at Southern Illinois University prepare the next generation of content creators and program distributors.

  • A student produced award winning nightly newscast (River Region Evening Edition) will continue to provide experiential learning opportunities for students in Broadcast Journalism.
  • Creative opportunities for programs like (two year national Emmy award winner) and Studio A Presents prepare students to work in the entertainment industry.
  • Live sports broadcasting of Saluki games give students the experience to supplement the classroom learning experience.
  • Create content across platforms (from data, to standard TV, to conventional radio, to print) enables SIU students to be among the few in this country prepared for today's practical media world.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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