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Friday December 19 2014

hand with remote control
HDTV set


Digital Television is the future at WSIU/WUSI TV…and the future is now! Just as cell phones, computers and the Internet have transformed communication over the last decade, digital technology will revolutionize television as we know it today. Through HDTV, Multicasting, and Datacasting digital technologies, television viewing will be an experience that enhances all the things you already love about WSIU Public Broadcasting and PBS.

What's Happening with WSIU's DTV Conversion?

  • Installation of new antennas on WSIU's towers in April and May 2003 will bring improved analog and new DTV signals to the region. Service may be interrupted during this upgrade. More…
  • Visit our photo gallery to See our progress in making the transition to Digital Television
  • Find out how you can see what DTV on WSIU will look like…
  • WSIU's digital conversion was featured on the April 14, 2003 River Region Evening Edition newscast. Read the script from that interview.

Fun Facts - A Broadcast Technology Timeline takes you on a historical journey through technology!

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