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Saturday December 20 2014

Digital TV
Picture of DTV

Experience DTV!

Want to see or learn more about digital television on WSIU? WSIU offers three opportunities to experience DTV yourself:

  • In collaboration with University Mall in Carbondale, WSIU has a DTV display at the mall (near the Pasta House entrance and University Mall information desk). This display is an actual HDTV set which plays previously recorded PBS programming in HDTV and SDTV from a computer - a realistic view of what WSIU's digital programming will be and a realistic portrayal of what it will be like to watch DTV at home!

    Showing this week:
              Smart Travels in Europe with Rudy Maxa (HDTV)
              Leopards of the Yala (widescreen SDTV)
              The Shakespeare Session (widescreen SDTV)
              PBS HD Loop (HDTV)

    (note: the HD loop is a compilation of high definition digital PBS program excerpts and is intended to show a variety of programming in DTV; all other programs featured are shown in their entirety)

  • Tour WSIU Studios! We welcome classes, clubs, civic groups or anyone interested in WSIU to arrange a studio tour. Tours can be customized to include any part of our TV and Radio operations, including an in-studio DTV demonstration. To schedule your tour, call WSIU at 453-4343.

  • WSIU Speakers Bureau --- WSIU staff are ready to make a presentation to your school, club, church or civic organization about DTV or any other topic related to the WSIU Public Broadcasting stations. Just call WSIU at 453-4343 to request a speaker for your group.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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