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Thursday December 18 2014

Digital TV
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WSIU provides a myriad of programs and services through the current analog signal

The highest quality educational, cultural, news, and entertainment programming and outreach initiatives in southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, southwest Indiana, including:

  • 59.5 hours per week of Ready to Learn programs and services reaching over 267,000 young children and 275 day care providers and schools with preschool programs.
  • K-12 schools use many of the programs broadcast by WSIU/WUSI-TV like "Nova" and "Reading Rainbow."
  • Adult learners can earn college credit at area community colleges in their home on their own time.
  • Workplace Essential skills series prepares the underemployed for better jobs.
  • Diverse programs from "Frontline" to "This Old House" promote lifelong learning and provide critical informational and cultural resources for the 528,100 households and over 1 million citizens.
  • Member K-12 schools partner with station to provide supplemental learning resources for classroom use.
  • Website information supports programs with additional information and resources.
  • Programs, i.e. Bill Moyers' "Death & Dying," continue to 'live' via community based discussion groups.

Quality programming and services that improve the quality of life within the area, present a diversity of information, inform the electorate, and nurture an appreciation of the fine arts, including:

  • Democracy project programs that keep viewers informed through our own newscasts and election features on local races and issues, as well as national coverage via programs like "The Newshour with Jim Lehrer."
  • Only free over-the-air signal available to 528,100 households in the region, 41.5% of which have NO cable access.
  • Locally produced culinary show, symphony orchestra concerts in Austria, or New York Broadway shows. WSIU/WUSI is the only station that can bring the world to our region.
  • Proactive partnerships with local, regional, state, and national nonprofit organizations like Childcare Resources & Referral and the League of Women Voters, losing a critical conduit into the homes of the population they serve.

Support for the academic mission of the instructional units of the College of Mass Communication & Media Arts by serving as a center for creative and innovative programming developed by students, staff and faculty and support for the teaching, scholarly/creative and service activities of the University, including:

  • Professional assets provided by the stations, which help distinguish us from other universities and contribute to the extraordinary student enrollment within the college and its national reputation as one of the top schools in the field. The licenses and facilities ADD value to our graduates' diplomas. It's a reason why students enroll in SIUC.
  • Opportunity to teach the responsible use of this medium, including the founding principle of broadcasting and one of the bedrock reasons for our existence…to serve the public
  • Valuable industry experience students gain by training in every position from floor manager to director for programs that are actually aired, making them more desirable job candidates.
  • Creative outlet for student and faculty productions including a nightly newscast, sports programs, and a series of musical and theatrical entertainment programs.
  • Broadcasting programs and providing services that enhance the image and increase the awareness of the University, including Saluki Basketball games, "SIU Connections," "One-on-One," and uplinking video across the country like Paul Simon's recent CNN interview from SIU.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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