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Sunday December 21 2014

 Facing the Future

To better communicate the wide range of reactions and responses to September 11 all across the WSIU TV viewing areas, we invite schools, churches, businesses, and individuals to contribute personal thoughts and commemorative writings and artwork. We hope that you will participate through stories and comments emailed to our virtual discussion group or through the submission of letters, photos, or artwork created in the weeks following the attack.

Our Facing the Future project coordinator will review all submissions prior to posting our our website. We reserve the right to edit for length and content, and we may be able to post only a representative sampling, depending on site capacity. If you wish to submit materials created by a child, please review our children's policy.

Topics and Issues for Further Consideration
Life in the River Region after September 11:

Southern Illinois Healthcare's Senior Advantage members discuss the events of September 11th with Sister Mildred Gross at
SIH's Senior Advantage members discuss the events of September 11th with Sister Mildred Gross at "A Nation's Call To Prayer" workshop this spring.

Collective mourning -- How have local communities shared their expressions of grief along with the rest of the nation and the world? Do we know how to communicate with our children about the tragedy?

Media coverage -- Is our local media providing a balanced approach to the continuing war on terrorism?

Seeking justice -- Is the Bush administration doing enough to investigate the terrorist attacks? What diplomatic measures are needed? What about the use of military force?

Civil liberties --What should local civic and political leaders do now that national security measures have been increased? Are racial profiling and surveillance surfacing in our area?

Bioterrorism -- Is the River Region prepared to respond to an attack of biological weapons ?

Economic impact - What, if any, affect has the September 11th tragedy had on our local economy? What is the outlook for 2002 and beyond?

The threat to democracy -- How can people in the River Region increase awareness and participation in our democracy? What should we be doing to ensure that America stays strong?

Multiple faiths - How can we use our religious diversity to strengthen our democratic values? How can our spiritual leaders bring their messages of reconciliation and hope to public institutions in River Region?


Join the virtual discussion group. We will post e-mail messages from individuals, students, teachers, and organizations in the River Region to create a virtual discussion about the September 11th tragedy.


See comments posted to this site.

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