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Sunday December 21 2014

Broadcast service van
Broadcast service van

Uplink Truck

    RF PACKAGEtrack diagram
  • Dual Ku Band Analog Exciters - SA7555B -Full/half Transponder, 3-audio
  • Dual KU Band Digital Exciters- Tandberg E5740- 4:2:0/4:2:2, QPSK & 8PSK, 4-audio, mux
  • Dual TWTAs, MCL 600W or 300W per side with redundancy, capable of phase-combined, hot-standby, or split dual-path(same polarity)
  • Vertex 2.6 meter antenna, four-port
  • Dual Analog Satellite receivers - Standard brand Professional
  • Dual Digital Satellite Receivers - Tandberg TT1260
  • System is Intelsat compliant
  • DirecTV DSS receiver
  • Grass Valley 110 switcher
  • ADM Stereo audio mixer
  • Inscriber IncaStudio 2-channel graphics system (Still Store/Character Generator)
  • Four Sony DXC-35WSL 3CCD 850 line high resolution 4:3/16:9 cameras with studio controls and viewfinders, 3 are equipped with 22x zoom lenses (44x with extender) 1 is equipped with an extra wide 4.8x10 lens and 1000 meters of Triax cable. All can be configured for hand-held use.
  • Three Panasonic WV-F250 3CCD 750 line 4:3 cameras with studio controls and viewfinders (one can be configured for hand held use), 12x zoom lens, 900 ft multicore cable..
  • Telephone hybrid/AT&T Partner Plus system 10 line PBX with 6 line cellular
  • Sony BVW-70 & 2- BVW-75 Betacam SP videotape
  • DNF 3000 slo-motion controller
  • Panasonic AJ-D230H DVC-Pro
  • Sony SVO-5800 SVHS videotape player/recorder All tape formats timebase corrected
  • Four frame-syncs
  • ClearCom intercom W/IFB
  • 2- Sennheiser HMD25-1 Announcer Headsets
  • 2 - Beyerdynamic DT-190 announcer headsets
  • ECM66B Lav.mics/RE50 Sticks
  • Lectrosonic Wireless Mics
  • 6-Motorola 2-way radios
  • Length 32', Width 8', Height 13' 6"
  • Shore power requirements: 220 volt, single phase, 90 amps per leg (2 legs) 15kw Onan Generator (Fuel on board for minimum of 3 - 24 hour days)
  • Feature-loaded location audio recording vehicle. 54 Channel Mackie mixing system. Analog to Digital recording for DAT, CD and Tascam High Resolution digital multi-track recording of up to 24 tracks. Professional Lexicon, DBX & Symmetrix audio post-processing equipment. Collection of Neumann, AKG, Shure, EV, A-T and Crown mics. Audio CDs made on the fly. Complete with multiple Video monitoring capability, multiple 100' audio snakes and connective mic cabling.
  • Frequency agile microwave
  • Video projectors & large screen monitors for interactive video-conferencing
  • Complete pre-production services including scripting, graphics, animation, and audio
  • 30x60 studio with ETC computer lighting system
  • Complete post-production services including linear and non-linear editing of BetacamSP, DVCPro, One-inch, and U-Matic tape

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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