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Friday December 19 2014


I live in a rural area and use a satellite service for TV. How do I pick up the nearest WSIU station? Our over-the-air signals reach most of southern Illinois, easternmost southeast Missouri, and westernmost Indiana.
If you're using a satellite service, you may purchase an amplified antenna for your television that, in most cases, will allow you to capture our Channel 8 or Channel 16 signal. There are several affordable amplified antennas, from tabletop models -- a big improvement over traditional "rabbit ears" -- to slim, virtually invisible wires that can be installed along your house siding or eaves. Your new antenna boosts all signals considerably and will allow you to reach not only WSIU, but other local signals. To purchase an amplified antenna, check your local hardware, electronics, or home improvement center. If you have questions, please email Renee Dillard or call (618) 453-4286.

My cable provider doesn't carry WSIU, or doesn't carry the full 24-hour WSIU service. Can WSIU be added to my cable channels?
If your local cable provider doesn't carry WSIU or carries only an abbreviated schedule, contact them and ask them to add or expand WSIU. Encourage your friends and neighbors to make the same request.

Unlike other program services that charge a fee to cable companies, WSIU is available to all cable carriers at no charge! Please note that if your carrier offers a public TV station from another state, you won't be able to access the local news, weather, public affairs programming, features, specials and documentaries that WSIU produces for and about your community.

I scheduled listing in the Previews Guide or my local TV guide doesn't seem to match what's on. How do I find out about program changes?
Because of the long lead times involved in printed TV listings, it is not unusual for program schedules to change after the listings are printed. For the most up-to-date schedule, visit WSIU.ORG and click the “TV schedule” button on the home page. You can explore detailed listings by date and time, or choose a monthly summary that shows all programs carried by WSIU in alphabetical order, with detailed descriptions and tune-in information for each.

How do I get more information about a national or local program, or purchase a specific program?
It’s best if you record the name of the program with its air date and time. For more information on your program inquiry, email Trina Lyons or call (618) 453-6169. Videos and other material for programs distributed nationally through PBS may be ordered by calling toll free at 1-800-PLAY-PBS.

The same programs can be purchased online by clicking on "buy PBS programs" under the WSIU.ORG "Programming" menu shown at the top. WSIU's original TV productions may be purchased on VHS tape by calling our WSIU-TV receptionist at (618) 453-4343 or toll free at 1-866-498-5561.

Whose voices do I hear during the local WSIU TV breaks?
Voice-overs are the spoken "stay-tuned" messages heard while the credits of the previous television program scroll. Students often volunteer as part of coursework or professional training, but anyone is welcome to audition! Voice-overs are fun and easy. For an audition appointment, please email Trina Lyons or call (618) 453-6169.

My child loves the programs on WSIU-TV. How can I find out more about them?
Every PBS Kids show that WSIU-TV broadcasts is supported by an extensive website. Links to these sites are conveniently listed in one place on the children's program schedule page, or visit and then click on the respective character. This child-friendly site has hundreds of games, puzzles and activities for on and off-line use, plus episode air dates and descriptions.

I know WSIU has great programs for kids, but do you work with parents?
WSIU-TV works with parents, child care providers and educators through our Ready to Learn Service designed to help achieve the first national education goal that all children start school ready to learn. Through award-winning programs, educational value messages between programs, partnerships, activities and materials, PBS Ready to Learn gives parents the tools to help children master skills essential to learning.

WSIU-TV broadcasts 10 hours of quality children’s programs each weekday. The programs appear in two child-friendly blocks with innovative program breaks that include specially-developed educational value messages designed to encourage specific skills that youngsters need to succeed in school, as well as in life. See a complete list of our children's programming online at WSIU.ORG.

Are PBS materials used in classrooms?
WSIU-TV children’s programming broadcasts in classrooms across southern Illinois through ChalkWaves, our service for k-12 educators. ChalkWaves brings PBS resources and thousands of instructional programs to educators via videotape, television and the Internet.

ChalkWaves instructional media are correlated to the Illinois Learning Standards, and represent all k-12 curricular areas. Efforts are specifically designed for classroom use to help educators meet learning objectives and engage students of every learning style and every grade level. ChalkWaves has an extensive online service at

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