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Saturday December 20 2014

Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

WSIU Radio FAQ’s

How do I order a piece of music I heard on the station?
WSIU Radio has two CD sources: The PB1 Music Service at the toll-free number 1-877-448-4719 and The Public Radio Music Source at
You also can shop online at The Public Radio Music Source by clicking on "buy Pub Radio Music" under the WSIU.ORG "Programming" menu shown at the top. It's best to record the time and day when you hear the piece, then email Lisa Morrisette or call (618) 453-6185 for specific information used to order the CD. However, not all music heard on WSIU Radio is still in print; therefore a few selections cannot be ordered because they are no longer available. Of course, most music in all music genres is available including classical, jazz, blues, folk, Celtic, and much more.

How do I get a tape or transcript of something I heard on NPR News?
First, record the time, date, and name of the program you were listening to when you heard the feature you are interested in. Then order tapes and transcripts of the program by calling Burrelle's toll free at 1-877-677-8398, or contact the producers of that program by calling NPR Listener Assistance at (202) 513-3232.

How do I volunteer at the station?
Please visit our volunteer pages online at WSIU.ORG!

What are the station call letters, frequencies, and the power of each station?
WSIU 91.9 FM-Carbondale -- 50,000 watts
WUSI 90.3 FM-Olney -- 25,000 watts
WVSI 88.9 FM-Mt. Vernon -- 6,000 watts

How wide is your coverage area?
The WSIU Radio stations broadcast to a 50-county area in southern Illinois, southwestern Indiana and southeastern Missouri. Our coverage area is roughly the southern fourth of the state of Illinois. We simulcast our news and public affairs programming on all three stations.

When did WSIU-FM go on the air?
WSIU-FM signed on as WSRV on September 15, 1958. Our call letters were changed to WSIU in 1960. Interestingly, the WSIU call letters were originally assigned to a radio located on a tug boat.

How many reporters do you employ?
WSIU Radio has three professional news producers. We also have six paid student staff members and about 30 student volunteer news and sports reporters. Our students and volunteers work alongside professional staff members to produce our news coverage each day.

What opportunity does WSIU Radio News provide for students?
The student and volunteer news staff cover daily news and sports events just as do our professional staff members. Our student staff shares the duties of and assist the professional staff in covering events and writing stories on deadline.

What drives your news operations?
WSIU-FM News has a dual mission: We serve the public with news and sports information; we also provide a training ground for students. We’re confident the students sound professional on the air and act professional in the field. The outstanding track record of our students’ finding employment speaks for itself.
Our news philosophy includes a strong emphasis on government and public affairs reporting – issues which affect our listening area but which may not be related to government. Unlike our commercial counterparts, we give each of our stories lengthy air time; we don't exploit stories; we take time to tell both sides of the each story; and, we don't take stories from other media sources. That is, we do our own work. We operate with the same respect for our audience members as we have for ourselves as citizens, and we instill all of these principles in our students.

How do you decide what news is covered each day?
Any type of breaking event such as a fire or a shooting or a major announcement – the naming of a new SIU official or the resignation of an elected state official, for example – is given top priority. We organize much of our news coverage through a beat system. Professional and student staff cover specific beats such as local County Boards, City Councils, Circuit Courts, etc. We also have scheduled topical events such as a news conference held by an area Chamber of Commerce to announce a new business.

How do I send you a Public Service Announcement (PSA) or a press release?
Please send your PSA at least one week in advance by postal carrier to:

WSIU Radio Community Announcements
1003 Communications Building
SIUC mail code 6602
Carbondale, IL 62901-6602
fax 618-453-6246
Or submit the PSA electronically through the PSA link on our website. Our FM News Department is able to offer a small number of PSAís at no charge. Greater coverage may be obtained by purchasing paid PSA announcements within the full radio schedule.
For more information about paid PSA's, email Tom Godell or call 453-6179, or email Patrick Jones or call 453-6196.

How do I become a Day Sponsor or Corporate Underwriter of WSIU Radio?
WSIU Radio depends not only on listener support, but on support from business and community members who underwrite our programming. If you own a business and are interested in supporting public radio by becoming an underwriter, please contact Tom Godell or Patrick Jones or call (618) 453-4343.
We also have Day Sponsorships and Paid Public Service Announcements available if you have an occasion you'd like to celebrate such as a birthday or anniversary, or a special event to promote. Day Sponsorships cost only $90 and will honor your special person with four (4) announcements running throughout the day. The honoree will be delighted, and so will family and friends.

WSIU Public Broadcasting, Carbondale, Illinois 62901-4306, 618-453-4343
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